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Tulasi Bhakta Construction Pvt Ltd., initially a proprietorship firm registered at the Department of Industry has been a part of the Construction Industry of Nepal for more than four decades now. The firm registered at the Department of Industry on 2033 B.S. (1976 A.D) was subsequently converted and incorporated as a private limited company on 24th November 2009. The company has been a valued member of the Federation of Contractor’s Associations of Nepal (FCAN) since 2049 B.S (1992 A.D) and has been designated as a General Civil Class “A” Contractor by the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Government of Nepal.

Over this period, we have grown both in terms of size and the services we offer. Beyond the construction of residential, commercial, and institutional buildings, we have also expanded our services into the construction of irrigation canals, roads and hydropower substations.


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  • नयाँ बर्षको शुभकामना

      नयाँ बर्ष २०७९ को उपलक्ष्यमा हामीलाई माया गर्नुहुने कर्मचारी, मजदुर, आपूर्तीकर्ता,  ग्...

  • Picnic Program – 2078

    नयाँ बर्ष २०७८ सालको शुभ अवसरमा यस तुलसी भक्त कन्स्ट्रक्सन प्रा. लि. परिवारको बनभोज कार्यक्रम २०७८...

  • US Visit of Managing Director – 2022

      Managing Director of Tulasi Bhakta Construction Pvt. Ltd. has visited USA to participate on ...

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